Thursday, September 20, 2012

Marks 2nd Birthday

Going golfing with Jack and Daddy. 

He liked riding in the golf cart, but was more interested in being out on the golf course with the boys.

This picture above was taken at a ward camp out a few weeks ago. He loves camping and actually does really well. Mark and Jimmy slept through the night. And of course I didn't sleep at all! Thats why I only camp once every 5 years!

                                                            Marks 2nd Birthday 

Well my little boy has turned 2! It was Marks Golden Birthday this year. He turned 2 on September 2nd. We had so much fun. We went to San Diego and had the Webster and Stewart families all together at the Stewart's new Encinitas house. We had a BBQ, a Mark sized Brobee pinata and tons of presents for Mark. He was so cute opening each one. As soon as he unwrapped the present he wanted to open whatever was inside. Needless to say, it took a while to get through all the gifts. :) His favorite gift was a Radio Flyer Scooter from Grandpa and Grandma Webster. He rode that thing like a champ! He is so coordinated with his body its amazing. He is great at all sports and runs faster then I do! He loves football, baseball, basketball, golf, and soccer. He loves going to parks, reading books, building blocks, playing with his toy kitchen, and building things with his tool box. He LOVES going to the beach and pretending to surf like daddy, and he loves camping too!

Mark is such a loving little guy. He is so sweet and even though his quite stubborn (like his mommy) he is so much fun to be around! :)

Today Mark had his 2 year wellness check up. He is growing fast! 
Here are his 2 year stats- Height- 38 1/2 inches (99%) Weight- 28lbs (48%) Head- 49 cm (58%)
So needless to say he is a tall, skinny guy. 

                         Here are a few pictures from Marks Birthday

Mark touching the life size Brobee Pinata. He was terrified of it! He hid in the house until candy fell out. Then he would run outside, grab some candy, then scurry back inside. 

Mark eating his hot dog. :)

Marky and his Uncle Tim.

Mark loves his Aunt Vanessa.

Marky also loves his Aunt Robin. :)

Mark riding his scooter.

Mark eating his cupcake. (he wouldn't take off the helmet.) haha

We love you Mark!

Mark and his cousin Eva. They love each other! :)

Mark building a sand castle with Uncle Dougie and Uncle David

Marky and Grandpa!

Mark and his gift from Mommy and Daddy

I forgot to mention that we cut Marks beautiful blonde hair. I cried for like a week after we did it. I have finally gotten used to it. He looks like a big boy now. Above is a before picture and below is an after. 

Luckily he is still a cutie. :)


Spencer 'n' Kristi Corbett said...

OH my goodness! To let go of that beautiful blonde hair... I can see why you cried.
He is getting cuter 'n' cuter! Happy Birthday, Mark! And thank you for puttin gup the pics. I miss The Stewart Farm!

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